Six Reasons Homeschooling Moms Quit – And How You Can Avoid Them by Lori Hatcher

6 Reasons Homeschooling Moms Quit – And How You Can Avoid Them
Lori Hatcher 
Proverbs 27:17

As a leader in the homeschool community for more than 13 years and a 17-year homeschooling veteran, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of homeschooling mothers. While most begin well, some quit after several months or years of unsuccessful homeschooling. I believe there are several common reasons why homeschool moms quit. I’ll share them with you in the form of six questions:

1. Is Your Homeschool Dedicated?

Many couples begin homeschooling simply because it seems to be the best educational option for their children. They may have had a bad experience with a public school, can’t afford a private one, or live in an area with few other options. Maybe they know someone who homeschools or are feeling pressure from others at church to “try it.”  It is no surprise then, at the first sign of difficulty, they entertain thoughts of quitting.

While none of the above reasons to homeschool is a bad one, each misses the element of God’s will for the education for your children. There are times when homeschooling is joyous, satisfying, and successful. There are other times when it is challenging, frustrating, and seems to be failing. If you don’t have a clear calling and direction from God to homeschool your children, you won’t be able to fall back on that clear call when times get tough.

My husband and I encountered difficulty when one of our daughters reached eighth grade. Convinced that she was missing something vital by not attending the neighborhood public school, she launched an all out frontal attack on our decision to homeschool her. While she made some arguments that my husband and I considered, out of respect to her, we continued to homeschool, because we knew that God had called us to begin homeschooling in the first place. The reasons we chose to homeschool had not changed.

We were led to homeschool in order to disciple our daughters, not just educate them. We were led to homeschool our girls in order to have the flexibility to explore opportunities linked to their unique giftedness without being locked into a school day or calendar. We were led to homeschool so they could have focused, one-on-one instruction specifically tailored to their needs and abilities. We were led to homeschool so that we, their parents, would be making the final decisions concerning what they learned.

God had led us to these reasons, and the reasons had not changed. Therefore, His calling to homeschool our children had not changed. While any major decision requires a step of faith, taking the time to seek God’s will through prayer, Bible reading, circumstances, and the godly counsel of others will enable you to have a strong foundation for the reasons you homeschool. That will be an anchor when the winds o ...

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