On Guard! by Renee Fisher

On Guard!
Series: Faithbook of Jesus Devotional
Renee Fisher

Mark 13:9

When you are in a spiritual battle, there are three scenarios to remember in order to keep your guard up. The first is that life will sometimes catch you by surprise. The Enemy loves to attack without warning. For instance, just yesterday my roommate told me that she is moving out, and I have two weeks to find a new roommate (and $1,300 to cover the deposit). I can’t even tell you how many curse words went through my head. Or there was the time when my mom said something so hurtful that caught me off guard, and I told her I’d rather be homeless than live with her again. Ouch!

The second scenario is because of the poor choices we make. I’m not going to read anyone’s journal or go through your dirty laundry. I’ll leave this one to your imagina- tion. Mrs. Charles E. Cowman once said, “Someone who sheds great tears over a simple romance will not be of much help in a real crisis, for true sorrow will be too de ...

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