I Can’t Save Myself? by Renee Fisher

I Can’t Save Myself?
Series: Faithbook of Jesus Devotional
Renee Fisher

For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

— James 2:10

How do you explain your sin? We can all pick out at least one sin we’ve committed and say, “Yes, I’ve done that” or “Yes, I do that.”

Have you ever hated someone? Then, by all admission, the Bible says you are a murderer (see James 2:11). Have you ever had lustful thoughts? Then you are an adul- terer. Have you ever stolen something? You are a thief. What about lying? Everyone’s a liar.

You might say, “I’m a good person and do good things.” If you take a long, hard look back into your life, you’ll find at least a few sins. For example, let’s say on a Saturday morning you make scrambled eggs for yourself or your family. You break the eggs — one, two, three . . . oops, the fourth is rotten. Would y ...

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