Old Habits Die Hard by Renee Fisher

Old Habits Die Hard
Series: Faithbook of Jesus Devotional
Renee Fisher

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

— Proverbs 26:11

I once made out with a guy who worked in my building. I was extremely attracted to him. I saw him every day on my breaks when I went for a walk. He was outside smoking. I’m not a big fan of smoking; in fact, I never thought I’d make out with a smoker. But he looked like McDreamy. Enough said.

Up until that point I had responded to temptation by running away, but I had never encountered the law of close proximity. His bad-boy charm eventually got to me. So I pushed him against the side of the elevator (like in a scene from a movie). Michael’s jaw dropped to the ground. I had become the bad girl.

I had just made the worst decision of my life. Afterward, I’d find ways to meet him in the stairwell or the elevator. Never mind that I was bored at work. I hated my life and was looking for an escape. When I tried to stop, I couldn’t.

I wrestled with myself for months until I finally gave up. I was twenty-three, and my life was going n ...

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