Bitter to Sweet: The Principle of Process by Devi Titus

Bitter to Sweet: The Principle of Process
Devi Titus
Exodus 15:22-27


A. A Life Principle Demonstrated

1. God TAKES the children of Israel out of Egypt.

2. He BLESSES them with the miracle of parting the RED SEA.

3. He LEADS them into the dessert for 3 days without water.

4. Brings them to BITTER water they cannot drink.(Dolomite=Magnesium & Calcium, given to athletes to make their heart strong.)

5. INSTRUCTS THEM-Tests their willingness to follow instructions even if you do not see the ''logic'' in it. LOGIC IS AN ENEMY OF FAITH - Faith sees on the inside what you can’t see on the outside:Logic sees on the outside and makes a conclusion

6. BREAKS the branch. Throws it into the bitter water-total relinquishment and obedience.

7. Circumstances change. WATER BECOMES SWEET

8. Leads to multiple (12) Springs and 70 date palms. A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING.

B. Jesus Pattern

Matt. 4: (From Baptism to Wilderness To Ministry)

1. Baptism TOOK HIM from being a carpenter

2. Filled with the Holy Spirit-BLESSED HIM (Matt. 3:16)

3. Led to the Dessert BROKE HIM (Matt. 4:1)a. Tempted Him in the area of:

1. PROVISION ''If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become bread. It is written, ''man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.''

2. PRESUMPTION: Do something crazy because God will protect you. ''If you ...

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