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Series: Much More!
Carol McLeod
II Chronicles 25:1-2

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Teaching Notes:

Much More! You might be asking yourself, where in the world did she come up with that for a Bible Study theme? I only have one answer for you - from God, from the Holy Spirit and from the Word of God!

Generally, whenever a new teaching begins stirring in my soul, it is birthed out of one of my daily quiet times. They are the very best minutes of my day!

Early one morning, I was ensconced behind my home office desk. Cup of coffee in one hand, pen in the other hand, beginning my journey into II Chronicles 25 that day. The bed was still unmade, last night's dishes were still in the sink and I didn’t know what was on the morning new shows. However, I was about to treasure, truly savor the most important minutes of my day.

Now, if you have never read II Chronicles before, it is what it says it is - it chronicles the lives of kings -battles they fought, whether they were good or bad. It is a book of Old Testament history. Truthfully, not all of it is life-changing if you only read it in black and white. Now, I know that every word in the Bible is powerful and miraculous because it is from God and written by the Holy Spirit. And so, when I open the book of II Chronicles this is what I know:

 - I will be reading about a lot of good guys and bad guys and…
-  About a lot of battles and smiting and spoil

I also know that even in a Book of history like Chronicles, there is treasure to be found!

I go searching for gold among the Obededoms, slaughterings and records of 14 wives!

These are the treasures that I found that particular early morning, which laid the foundation for the Much More Conference.

II Chronicles 25:1-2

There's an interesting detail about King Amaziah’s life that caused me to stop right there and think about my life.

“He did right in the sight of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart …”

How would you like those to be the words that the Holy Spirit used to describe your life? No thank you! 

We have a physical heart and a spiritual heart. 

Physically speaking - the heart is the most vital organ in the entire body. If your heart ain’t workin’ … ain’t nothin’ gonna work! If your heart ain’t workin’ well, ain’t nothin’ gonna work well! 

Spiritually speaking – I believe that the spiritual heart is the most important organ. Your heart is the birthplace of your passions, desires, aversions, affections. Your spiritual heart demonstrates the degree of love you have for your Savior. Your heart is the very most important thing that you can give to God. 

When my children were lit ...

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