Me Worry? by Jill Briscoe

Me Worry?
Jill Briscoe

I am a Christian and I worry. I know I am not supposed to worry. Jesus said it Himself in Matthew, Chapter

6, but I have been a lifelong worrier. I worry about the same things that you, relationships, the church, the world, the past, the future, the present.

I understand why people who don’t know Jesus might worry. They don’t know the Creator of the world who can hush their fears. They have no one to assure them there is something greater beyond this world – a heaven and a Christ who will take them there someday. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I understand all of that. But the truth is that many of us who treasure these truths in our hearts worry just the same.

I think in word pictures – I always have. When I think of worry, I see a picture of Joshua marching around Jericho. I’m sure Joshua was worrying...think of it, forty years and the Israelites haven’t won a battle. They didn’t have a very good track record. I’ve no doubt that he was remembering the past and worrying about how they would conquer Jericho.

I realize that some days I go around and around Jericho, and I can’t stop, but God has revealed so much to me on my well-worn path. Let’s take a walk together around Jericho and learn God’s truths about worry.

Worry is not of God. It is a distraction from the Evil One

The devil wants us to worry. In fact, he is worried if we aren’t worrying! Worry and fear are his favorite ways to keep us distracted from God. When we worry, we essentially tell God that we don’t trust Him with our circumstances. If we don’t trust Him, we certainly won’t depend on Him!

The devil doesn’t stop once he gets us to worry. He jumps on the back of it, turns it into terror and then paralyzing fear. The Lord Himself said that He has given us a spirit of power and love and not fear. Why then would we consider accepting this fear, this terror, when it comes directly from the devil? You see, worry isn’t just distracting and draining; worry is truly a spiritual battle.

Joshua had a lot to worry about as he headed into the battle to overtake Jericho. But, he did not allow himself to become distracted from God. In Joshua 1:9, God commanded him, “...Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” The Lord gave both a command and a promise that He would be there in the midst of battle. Jesus is in the midst of our worry battle too, even if the devil tries to convince you otherwise.

Worry takes our focus off today and what God has for us.

The word used in the Bible for anxiety is merimnao. It means an anxiety that obsesses so you can’t think of anything else. That is exactly what worry does to me. Many of us spend our energy worrying about things that might happen in the future. ...

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