Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth (Part 3) by Carol McLeod

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Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth (Part 3)
Series: Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth
Carol McLeod

Teaching Notes:

We left Ruth last week having a conversation with Boaz –

         Their relationship is in the very early stages –

                  But already we can tell that the hearts they are a fluttering!

Boaz has just told Ruth that he will protect her and provide for her

         And he spoke a blessing of the Lord upon her life

These words are like splatters of raindrops on a dry, thirsty soul

         Ruth has just been through terrible grief

                  A transition and difficult move

And Boaz blesses her! What a man!  I Like Boaz!!

Ruth 2: 13 --- Ruth is feeling more comfortable with the

         outstanding Boaz

She realizes that she has found favor with this premiere man!

         You have spoken kindly to me …You have comforted me …

“Oh sir … such grace, such kindness … I don’t deserve it.  You’ve touched my heart, treated me like one of your own. And I don’t even belong here!” - MSG

Ruth 2:14 - invites her to lunch!  Their first date

Boaz invites Ruth … come to the table … take a piece of bread … dip it

         In the wine …

Communion!! Come and dine!!

You have a Kinsman –Redeemer who has prepared table for you in the

         Presence of your enemies … Psalm 23

You were the foreigner … the gentile … you were left out …

         And He invited you in!

“… and she ate and was satisfied and had some left …”

How like Boaz to feed her more than she could possibly eat!

Your kinsman redeemer – Your almighty God –

         Is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could

                  Ask or imagine or well …

v. 15 & 16 --- Now he is treating her special ---

         like a man besotted ---drop pieces for her to pick up

                  making her life ...

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