Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth (Part 1) by Carol McLeod

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Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth (Part 1)
Series: Remarkable and Resilient: Ruth
Carol McLeod

Teaching Notes:

The impact of one ordinary life is anything but ordinary

         When we commit to follow Christ relentlessly our propensity

                  For greatness is exponentially increased

When we determine not to follow our emotions, cultural opinions

         And human preferences but to follow the principles found in the

                  Bible –

Everything about our life changes … everything!

When we choose faithfulness over fear …

         Godliness over culture …

                  Kindness in spite of disappointment …

It’s almost as if heaven opens its windows, doors and gates

         And the blessing pours abundantly into our lives

Resist the urge to say that you are too old, too ordinary, too young

         Too insignificant, too sinful, too poor, too anything to be used

                  By God!

Are you ready to travel back in time with me?

         To study the life of an ordinary, widow and her mother-in-law

Tonight – begin a Bible Study about the raw life of a woman

         A woman whose life didn’t turn out the way that she wanted it to

A woman who dealt with poverty, loneliness, death, transition

         And circumstances gone awry

Does that sound anything at all like your life?

This woman had her life put on hold due to events out of her control

         Does that sound like your life?

There was no fairy godmother who showed up in this woman’s life

         To make everything sparkle with possibility

There was only her mother-in-law who quietly but consistently gave her

         Wise advice

Do you have someone who is speaking into your life?

         Do you have someone on whose wisdom you can count?

I have discovered that the voice of wisdom is pre-requisite to greatness!

Listening to someone ...

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