Hearing God by Nicole Unice

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Hearing God
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 6: Possibilities & Practicalities - Day 1
Nicole Unice



I’m a cynic by nature (which is probably why God is making me write this study.)

So when I read Jonah, I get excited—and disturbed—by the first five words of the book: Jonah 1:1 “The Word of the Lord Came...”

Uh-oh. What if I can’t hear that word? The rest of the book hardly matters if I have no idea what God is saying to me.

If we don’t get quiet enough, we won’t hear the word of the Lord. Sure, he can speak louder, but who wants to wait for God to put a wrecking ball through your life before you listen? I would prefer to skip the storm, whale, wind and worm if possible. So I want to hear that voice. I want to be able to know when God’s word is coming my way.

Today we are going to cultivate silence, a necessary step in hearing God. We can become so distracted by doing life for God, that we forget to do life with God. Church, small groups, even the words on this page can distract you from hearing Him. Sure, you might be saying to me, “Nicole, I’m doing a Bible study. God and I are so tight it’s scary.” Oh, my friend, this is where the devil gets tricky! Sometimes the church-iest activities are the ones that distract us from really seeking the truth about ourselves and the truth about what God is calling us to do! I love that little devil in The Screwtape Letters, taught by his mentor devil that distraction in the church is an important tool to keep Christians from seeking God.vi

So before you whip out your Bible and pen to start underlining, before you seek time with God by working at anything, let’s slow down and cultivate a place of silence and solitude, and let God speak for himself.


Contemplation is the practice of considering carefully at length. The object of our consideration is God. Cultivating silence is creating space to hear from God. It is not a guarantee that He will speak, but it allows Him to do so in a way that we can hear. It i ...

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