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God Speaks
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 5: Resistance - Day 5
Nicole Unice



I first taught on Jonah as a four-week session at my church women’s group. I loved the story as much as I do now, and it was a demanding but fulfilling experience. I usually pay attention to what God is teaching me through anything I’m sharing, but by the time I got to Jonah 4, I was already mentally preparing for the next series.

As I went about my normal chores one Wednesday morning, I felt like God might be calling me to a season of fasting while I finished writing this series. It wasn’t like one of those Christian-y times when you think to yourself, “maybe I should do discipline x or y or z. It’ll be a cool experience and good for me.” This idea came out of nowhere. It didn’t seem like a cool experience, or like it would be any good for me.

I should have known that was God talking.

As I walked down the hallway toward my laundry room, I considered the idea that had been niggling in my mind for the past several days. Even though I had just prepared for Jonah 4, I cycled through a litany of resistance:

I can’t...it’s not a good stage of life to be cranky from fasting.

I don’t have to...cause God gives grace. He’ll understand.

He’s not talking to me...maybe he just wants me to teach on it or something.

That lost thought stopped me as fast as a snake in my dryer. With laundry basket in hand, I laughed aloud. Here I was, teaching on resistance, not even realizing how fiercely I resisted being obedient to God when it wasn’t in my plan!

Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs....

Of course I felt like I couldn’t, didn’t want, or was scared to do what He was asking me. I hadn’t yet stepped into His grace. By holding tightly to my own reasoning, my pride and my “word”,

I forfeited the chance to experience the power of His plan. Oh, how deep the pride and resistance in my own heart!

Let’s look and see what God had to say to Jonah about his own resistance.


Yesterday we wrapped our senses around what Jonah experienced through God’s nature lesson.

Jonah is angry. He is indignant. And he has been baking in a 120 degree oven for hours. Wham! This would be the perfect time for God to lay down the hammer on Jonah. I picture it going something like this:

Jonah: It would be better for me to die than to live.

God: Wow, Jonah, how’s it feel to be hot? You liked that shade, didn’t ya? Well, guess what pal. You get what you give. Bro, you’ve been messing with the wrong god. I’m not sure when you got confused about my n ...

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