God Acts by Nicole Unice

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God Acts
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 5: Resistance - Day 4
Nicole Unice



Jonah strode up the dusty road, mind swirling with thoughts. Had it only been three days since he entered the city of Nineveh? With dread he passed through the thick city gates, disgusted by the images that assaulted his eyes –violence, evil and sexual immorality were everywhere, just as he had expected.

“It’s a wonder I was even able to speak,” Jonah said to himself as he kicked a dirt clod with his sandal. He shook his head in disbelief. The first day he arrived in Nineveh, it was as if the words came from his mouth on his own accord, gaining steam and passion as he began to share about the God of the Hebrews, the maker of the land and the sea. He expected... well, he didn’t know what he expected. But it certainly wasn’t what happened!

Something was so revolting to him about how quickly the people agreed to his commands. To be sure, his reputation preceded him—somehow they had known already about the storm and the fish. But how quickly they repented! How quickly they agreed with every word that came from his mouth! If his own people acted like that, he’d be ecstatic. But something...he spit, his mouth dry and dirty from the dry sand and dust of the road. What was it that was so distasteful about those people?

If only Almighty God would listen to him. If only he had seen how they had turned so quickly.

By the time you leave this city, those wicked people will be right back to their pagan sacrifices. You just watch. It was just how you thought. You were right all along.

Even Jonah was surprised by the intensity of his thoughts. The whale belly flashed in his mind and assaulted his senses. It was real, wasn’t it? Everything was a blur since he boarded that forsaken ship in Joppa.

The sun was beating down upon him now. He reached a crest in the hill and slowed.

Just watch. The God of my forefathers will come through.

He will not let this wicked, adulterous nation prevail!

Coming upon a thatch of scrubby trees, Jonah began breaking branches to construct a shelter that would shade his head. Building a sukkah was second nature. Every year at the Feast of the Tabernacles, Jonah had painstakingly constructed a beautiful booth. Oh, how he loved the feasts of celebration with his people...

You live in booths because I brought you out of Egypt, from your own rebellious wanderings. I free the prisoner and forgive the rebellious. I am the Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in love.

Jonah spun around from weaving his branches. But there was nothing behind him but the dusty road and the magnificent city on th ...

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