Resistance - Introduction by Nicole Unice

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Resistance - Introduction
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 5: Resistance - Introduction
Nicole Unice

I LOVE happy endings. When a great book or movie or story begins to wind down, I love everything neatly tied up, everyone happy, and the girl always getting the guy. I guess it’s our consumer culture, or my attitude, but I actually feel like I shouldn’t have to pay for a movie or book if I get short-changed by the ending. No pain, no tragedy— nope, that’s the stuff of real life. When I’m reading a story, I want the fairy tale.

So it would have been a good idea to stop reading at Jonah 3.

Friends, there is nothing more real-life than what happens after the Nineveh victory. Oh, how much I want the story to stop here! It would be perfect if Jonah, smiling, realizes how wonderful God is. The Ninevites, also smiling, begin to smash up their pagan gods and goddesses and all break into “Amazing Grace.” And then, a beautiful Israelite woman who’s been secretly following Jonah all along because she feels called to be a prophetess, well, then she jumps out of hiding, (also smiling), they fall in love, and the credits begin to roll, with a Jonah jr. cooing—and smiling—i ...

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