S.O.S.: Sink or Surrender by Nicole Unice

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S.O.S.: Sink or Surrender
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 3: Surrender - Day 1
Nicole Unice



Mothers are like Transformer Toys. They change from mild-mannered conversationalists to child rescuers in the time it takes to say “Little Johnny’s standing on top of the monkey bars!!”

I have a particularly strong Transformer on my street. I’ve always looked up to Suzy because she has kept three kids alive for a lot longer than me. She’s my go-to mom: I consider myself an apprentice Transformer, and she is like my jedi master.

Whenever injustice is to be had around the cul-de-sac or the schoolyard, Suzy is there, her smile barely concealing her teeth. And when I came over to ask about a certain boy’s rough treatment of my kindergartener, I got scared just watching the change. Yes, she still had her Danskos on, but other than that, she wasn’t the same woman. With eyes flashing and just a hint of a growl, she said “that is completely unacceptable! No one should treat Charlie like that, or any child for that matter. YOU need to get on the phone and tell his teacher what is going on. Completely unacceptable!” After repeating “completely unacceptable” to me a few times, she sent me scampering home to make my phone calls.

Whew. If she loves my kids with that much intensity, watch out when it comes to her own. She is not someone I want to mess with when injustice is going down.

Suzy’s motive doesn’t change when she goes from PTA Mom to Mama Bear. It’s all in the name of love, the fierce love she has for children. If that’s the expression of love we can show as humans, made in God’s image, imagine how much more God loves His own children! And when injustice is going down between God’s children, He is ready to step in.

It was one thing when Jonah denied God’s power and ran from Him. It was another thing when he slept through the storm God sent to give him another chance for repentance. But when he misrepresented God to those sailors....whew, Mama Bear in action! God desires none to be lost, and goes to great lengths to display His love and mercy to His creation. Let’s turn to chapter two and listen in on Jonah’s very personal expression of surrender to the Mama Bear who loves us enough to never let us go.


Read Jonah Chapter 2 slowly. As you do, record the words or phrases that stick out in your mind:

What is the location of Jonah in verse one?

What is the state in which he “calls to the Lord” (v. 2)?

The Hebrew word for call used here is qara.

The NIV Lexical Aids explain that qara is used to describe calling on the name of the Lord, in times of “critical need or chronic need, or to rev ...

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