Surrender - Introduction by Nicole Unice

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Surrender - Introduction
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 3: Surrender - Introduction
Nicole Unice

ONE OF MY favorite shows on TV is Lost. In it, a plane crashes on a mysterious magical island where healing, time travel, and strange experiences from the past and present intertwine in amazing ways. When it comes to TV, Lost is the king of the flashbacks. Don’t blink, or you might not know what time period your favorite character is in. Flashbacks, flashbacks in flashbacks, flash forwards—they are all part of the intricate story that brings these characters to life.

Chapter Two of Jonah reminds me of the beginning of a Lost episode. Imagine Jonah, his eyes flashing open. Above him—blue sky. Below him—sand. He has just spent three death-defying days and nights inside a huge, dark, smelly fish. Slime coats his hands, his face, his body. Yet he has escaped death.

His mind thinks back over the events of the previous days. His near-drowning. His strange savior, the fish, although at the time he thought perhaps he had already died and gone to hell. Surely even hell didn’t smell as bad as that fish!

He remembers his prayers, his pleadings. Wondering if God heard him...not because he couldn’t hear him in the ...

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