The Irony Factor by Nicole Unice

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The Irony Factor
Series: The Divine Pursuit - A Study of Jonah
Week 2: Response - Day 3
Nicole Unice



A wild wind blows, loud and fierce. Your feet slip on the deck as water blasts you repeatedly. Your hands slip on ropes as you try in vain to secure cargo, grip weakening. The storm is so strong you can hardly keep yourself upright, much less the boat afloat. You shout over the sound of nature’s fury, knowing that something much stronger than any human is responsible for this. From the day you were born, you have been taught that divine forces control all that humans can’t: the Weather. Fertility. Blessings. Wealth. Who is this god who controls the sea???

A small crowd of sailors encircles the strange man who joined you in Joppa. His name—Jonah—just came up on the lots the sailors threw, desperate for answers. You fear death, but this man looks so....resigned. You can barely hear him over the wind... what? Did he just say that the god of the Hebrews controls the land and sea?

Who is this powerful god??

The fierce storm, already deadly in intensity, howls louder. As you scoop up a bucket of water to throw overboard, your gaze locks onto a wall of water as tall as the mast. Quickly, you fall to the deck to avoid being swept into the sea. You have never seen a storm like this. You fear death. Not even the strongest swimmer could survive in this storm, and no one will be able to help.

You suddenly remember a short conversation you had with this man Jonah while sitting on deck as the boat set sail. Running...When you asked him where he was headed, he said, “away from here. I’m running.” Course, you thought it was a woman or a loan shark he was running from...But he must have meant his god!

“What should we do to calm the sea,” you shout, the wind carrying away your words. You brace your feet and gather your strength, cupping your mouth with your hands. “JONAH! WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO CALM THE SEA?”

“Throw me in and it will be calm.” Jonah says, the howling wind subsiding for just a moment. Jonah turns his back and looks at the sea, his voice rising in intensity. “It is my fault that this storm has come upon you.” Jonah shakes his fist toward the water and mutters something you can’t hear. You find his demeanor strangely calm and his request outrageous. The last thing you want to do is anger the god he serves by sacrificing him!


Yesterday we traced Jonah’s actions in chapter one. Today, let’s take note of the sailor’s actions.

Record here the six things the sailors do in v. 13-16:

What was the sailors’ reaction to Jonah’s disobedience?
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