Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 8) by Carol McLeod

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Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 8)
Series: Fill-Up: A Bible Study on the Book of Philippians
Carol McLeod

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Teaching Notes:

You need to think about what you are thinking about -

         You think that your job determines the quality of your life -

                  or your health or your income or your relationships -

But nothing has more power over the quality of your life than

         The thoughts that you think -

As a man thinks within himself so is he … - Proverbs 23:7

         you become what you think about!

If you think angry, bitter thoughts -

         You are going to become an angry and bitter person -

Last week – Paul told us not to worry about anything!

         Where does worry start?

                  In the mind – In the thoughts that you think

You don't get to worry anytime about anything -

Philippians 4:8 – What you do get to think about!

         You don't get to worry … but you do get to think about

                  true … honorable … righteous … pure … lovely …

                           good reports … excellent things …

                  things worthy of praise …

         Dwell on these things … linger on these things …

                  don't waste one second on worry -

                           worry wastes your life …

         Concentrate on these things -

                  What lovely thing can I think about?


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