Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 7) by Carol McLeod

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Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 7)
Series: Fill-Up: A Bible Study on the Book of Philippians
Carol McLeod

NOTE: This download includes both Teaching Notes and Listener Notes.

Teaching Notes:

As I look back at my life -

         nothing has had a more profound effect on my life than the

                  Word of God -

I was raised in a stable, loving Christian home -

         and I know that that experience was an incredible gift -

But not everyone has that gift -

         and it wasn't the most incredible gift that I have been given

I have been married to a man of God for over 30 years -

         and I know what a blessing that is -

But not everyone has that blessing -

         and even that is not the most incredible blessing that I

                  have ever been given

We all have the Bible!

         Nothing will solidify your life like the Word -

We all have the Bible!

         Nothing will strengthen you like the Word!

We all have the Bible!

         Nothing will set you in your destiny like the Word of God!

And so we continue our study of Philippians -

         Let's see what Paul has to say tonight -

Philippians 4:1 – Paul is talking to the church at Philippi

         with these words

He had no way of knowing how these inspired words of his

         would echo through the ages to our lives in the 21st.           Century -

Although separated by nearly 2,000 years -

         he calls us brothers – sisters -

                  not rejected but beloved -

                           not a cantankerous relationship but one that is

                                    born and lived out in love

Turn to the woman ...

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