Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 5) by Carol McLeod

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Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 5)
Series: Fill-Up: A Bible Study on the Book of Philippians
Carol McLeod

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Teaching Notes:

Last lesson – we left off as we were mining for Gems in the

         Second chapter of Philippians -

Philippians 2 - verses 19-21

Gem 6 – is found in verse 21 - What are you seeking?

                  What are you looking for in life?

Are you only seeking your personal interests?

         Or have you set your sights somewhere else?

As human beings we are to change our focus when we meet

         Christ –

the things of the earth are supposed to grow strangely dim -

We are to set our minds … our hearts …

         and our sights on things above -

The things of this earth are not supposed to consume us -

         but we are to be consumed by the interests of Christ -

Knowing Christ really does change our appetite - our taste buds

What used to be yummy … has lost its appeal -

         What used to seem dull and boring has suddenly taken on a

                  New attraction -

Be very, very careful what you are seeking in life -

         Your life is like the dew on the morning grass -

Make sure that you seek for those things that are of eternal

         Value and not of earthly shine -

Difference between a diamond – true – valuable -many faceted

         and a cheap imitation -

Initially you may not be able to tell the difference -

         but eventually you will -

Paul is saying here – I can trust someone who is seeking

         after Christ –

Just like Paul was willing to use someone who sought after Chris

         wholeheartedly -

That is what Jesus is looking for, too -

         It's not the talents or the good-looks or the engaging


God is looking to use someone who is relentless in his or her

  &n ...

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