Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 4) by Carol McLeod

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Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 4)
Series: Fill-Up: A Bible Study on the Book of Philippians
Carol McLeod

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Teaching Notes:

We are on lesson 4 of “Fill-Up”!

         I love studying the Bible like this -

An entire chapter at a time -

         verse upon verse -

You begin to understand the context … the history …

         You get a bigger picture of God and His plan -

It's like sitting down for a 7 course meal -

         rather than just nibbling on hors d'oevres -

Fill-Up – the title of this Bible Study -

         is, of course, a play on words -

Fill-Up … Philippians -

         We all know the expense of filling up the gas tank of our

                  car - it is a necessary discipline in life -

When the gas gauge starts leaning toward E -

         you head toward the gas station and fill-up -

Then you drive and drive and drive and drive -

         until that dreaded moment when you realize that your

                  tank is once again nearly empty -

Go and fill-up again … and again … and again …

Reading the Word is much like filling-up your gas tank -

         You can't just do it one time and expect it to last for your

                  Life or for a month … or even a week -

You will begin to experience the pain of emptiness -

         you won't have as much energy to pray … to forgive …

                  to bless

Fill-Up every day on God's Word for a life that is energized

         by the Holy Spirit!

         That's good advice from my heart to yours –

Philippians 2:12-30 tonight -

         An incredible grouping of verses -

                  with at least 7 true gems that will change your lif ...

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