Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 3) by Carol McLeod

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Fill-Up: Philippians (Part 3)
Series: Fill-Up: A Bible Study on the Book of Philippians
Carol McLeod

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Teaching Notes:

How does a Christian get through a hard time -

            How does a Christian survive suffering?

                        Endure disappointment          

That is a great question, isn't it?

            It's answer is of great value to you -

You all have hard times … suffering and disappointments -

            We must learn the secret … find a way to not just survive

                        but to thrive - to come out better than we went in -

We live in a fallen world that is not perfected yet -

            a perfect life is in your future … in heaven!

Paul is instructing the church at Philippi how to get through

            hard times ..

                        how to walk in victory no matter what life brings your way

How to make a difference when you don't like your circumstances -

Paul read our mail!

            This is what we all go through most days -

                        how to get through hard times … how to walk in victory …

                                    how to make a difference in spite of!

I need what Paul has to say …

Verse 27 – 30: Your behavior must match up with your

            confession of the Gospel

Christians aren't perfect … just forgiven …

We must forgive others – not be rude but be kind

            we must exhibit joy and peace where before there was none -

We are called to change the atmosphere of the places where we live,

&nb ...

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