From Accepting to Embracing, From Fear to Desire by Stasi Eldredge

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From Accepting to Embracing/From Fear to Desire
Series: Becoming Myself - Embracing God’s Dream of You
Stasi Eldredge

This download include the session guide for participants and the chapters of the book the session guide corresponds with.

Session Four Study Guide: From Accepting to Embracing/From Fear to Desire

Before you begin responding to the questions in this session, please read chapters 6 and 7 in the book Becoming Myself.

Spanx, schmanx. Girdles, schmirdles. I’m glad that I’m a woman, but I admit I continue to struggle with some aspects of my body. I know I’m not alone in that and that most women have things about their appearance they would like to change. Those with curly hair prefer straight and vice versa. (I just gave out a really big sigh.)

The thing is, God created you you. He created your body, your hair, your feet. And God does all things well. You are a lovely creation. (And yes, so am I!) Your body is a gift through which you experience his grace in every form of living.

Making peace with our bodies will lead to a great good. Go ahead and wear sandals in the summer! Sleeveless dresses are for all of us! Although making peace can take some time—particularly if your life has been thick with not liking your body so much—it is worth pursuing. God made your body. He loves it. He wants you to love it, care for it, and bless it too!

Dear Jesus, please help me with the study this week and with this topic for the rest of my life. You know what I like about how you made me and the things I don’t care for. Would you please help me to see my body the way you do and be grateful for it? Would you please help me to believe that what you say about me is true? I am a beautiful woman! Today. Holy Spirit, guide me and fill me. I consecrate every part of my life to you. I love you. I need you. In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen.

1. Thank God for your body. Be specific. Bless all of your parts, even the jiggly bits. Write your blessing here.

Right now, God is saying this about you:

How beautiful you are, my darling!

Oh, how beautiful!

Your eyes behind your veil are doves. (Song 4:1)

God not only accepts us, he embraces us. Body and soul. He made our unique personalities just as he crafted our unique forms. Embracing ourselves is a stretch for most of us, but consider: Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. How can we love our neighbor as ourselves if we do not love ourselves? How can we become joyful women if we are unable to see the humor in our own folly? We do become even more ourselves as we repent of areas in our lives that have nothing to do with faith or love, but God does not live in a perpetual state of disappointment over who we are. He enjoys from accepting to embracing/from fear to desire us! Berating ourselves for our flaws and weaknesses only serves to un ...

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