Does Anyone Really Change? by Stasi Eldredge

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Does Anyone Really Change?
Series: Becoming Myself - Embracing God’s Dream of You
Stasi Eldredge

This download include the session guide for participants and the chapter of the book the session guide corresponds with.

Session One Study Guide: Does Anyone Really Change?

Before you begin responding to the questions in this session, please read chapter 1 in the book Becoming Myself (included in this download).

It’s wise to begin each new day and certainly each new work with prayer. So before you dive into the study, please pray! Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you. I like to begin each day—even before I get out of bed—with a simple prayer: “Jesus, I consecrate my life to you.” I am a woman who happily admits that I need all the help I can get!

So to start:

Jesus, I consecrate myself to you, this day to you, and this study to you. I pray for your guidance and your help. Please fill this time. Quicken my heart and my mind in response to the nudges of your Spirit. I give you permission to take me wherever you want me to go. I am yours. At least, I want to be yours. More and more. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.

There. That was good. Now, do you have some time and space for this? Are you sitting at a red light, trying to find a few moments to fit this in, or do you have some room? If you’re home, can you unplug or turn off your phone?

Your relationship with Christ, your heart, your becoming yourself is worth time, space, effort, and attention. Breathe deeply. Okay. Ready? Let’s begin.

1. What was stirred in you as you read this first chapter? Hope? Resignation? Passion? Nothing? Take a few moments to check in with your own heart. What has been your response to the thoughts presented?

2. As you look back at your life, what are some areas you have grown in? (For example, maybe you’re less afraid to meet new people, able to kill spiders, less controlling of others ...)

3. You are most likely quite aware of the places in your life that you would like to be different. There are places you long to grow in and areas where you may feel bound to fail over and over again. What are those?

4. I wrote, “Many women feel like a failure as a woman. I know that oftentimes I do. A failure as a human being, really. It has affected just about everything I have done and everything I have been kept from doing” (Becoming Myself, page 14). Is this true for you? And if so, does it relate to the areas you long to change or to something else?

5. Can you remember a time when you were ashamed of who you were and of not being who you wanted to be? If so, what happened?

Invite Jesus into that memory. Just a simple prayer like this is really good:

“Please, Jesus, come into this memory. Come into this place in my heart and minister to me here.”

6. Have you ever used shame ...

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