Submitted and Satisfied by Devi Titus

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Submitted and Satisfied
Series: When Leaders Live Together
How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive In Marriage
Larry and Devi Titus

He Says:

We usually address women when we talk about submission. There's a reason for that, and it's not because women rebel more than men. The main reason is that men are usually the ones preaching the sermons on submission. Therefore, it becomes logical that men would want to direct attention away from themselves, right? What male preachers would willingly incriminate themselves? The answer is, ''Not many.'' For the purpose of addressing the unaddressed, I will address this address to the male addressees only. So, women, sit back, enjoy, and gloat if need be. Give a high five to someone nearby, but please don't do any elbowing.

A joke made the rounds of the church circuit several years ago about the man who had heard a teaching on submission for the first time. He learned how his wife should immediately submit to his authority. Delighted, he went home to instruct his wife in this newfound doctrine and to set his marriage in order. After he delivered his jeremiad to his wife, he didn't see her for a while. Then, after about two weeks, he saw her again... out of one eye. Are you laughing? I'm sure all the women said, ''Amen!'' and the men said, ''Oh, me.''

Biblical Submission

The Bible's teaching on submission, unlike most teaching coming from pulpits over the past three decades, is a principle that relates to both men and women because the Bible does tell us to submit to one another.

In order to fully explore the idea of submission, we need to take a look at the opposite of submission-authority. This subject leaks back into the control issue a little bit, but authority is broader than simply being the head of the home while releasing your wife. Let's consider the definition of true biblical authority and identify what authority is not.

Authority can give life or it can devastate one's life. Heavy-handed, unilateral, suppressive and dictatorial authority is evil, non-biblical, and ungodly. Properly exercised authority is a liberating, productive, successful, and highly effective organizational model.

Demonic Authority

The misuse of authority can become demonic. Over the centuries of human civilization, dictators have abused their authority and opened the door for Satan's activity. Please note that what distinguishes Satan's authority from that of the Holy Spirit is his hatred of submission. Satan demands submission from his subjects, but he resists their submission to other authorities, especially the authority of Jesus Christ. The devil knows that biblical authority would also require him to submit to the lordship of Christ.

Satan hates the doctrine of submission. No wonder he stirs up such resistance and opposition when we teach on the subject. Submission is what keeps authority from beco ...

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