Forward and Introduction by Devi Titus

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Forward and Introduction
Series: When Leaders Live Together
How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive In Marriage
Larry and Devi Titus


He Says:

Devi and I have been married 48 years. As happens quite often, we will again be away on our anniversary, this time in Brazil. When we got married, I told her that I would show her the world, and by God's grace, I've done a pretty good job. Of course, I didn't tell how opulent it would be, or how lavish the travel plans were, whether we'd be riding in a limousine or a putt-putt; I just told her that I would show her the world.

The ''world'' has included sleeping on dirty sheets in India, boards for beds in Thailand, riding on an out-of-control bus as it careens down an icy road in Colorado, squeezed into the back seat of taxis with three other people in Nigeria, sharing rooms with creepy-crawly-critters in more than one place, and yes, having more than our share of beautiful hotels where we felt spoiled by God.

The bottom line is that Devi has always been by my side, whether with princes or peons. She has never complained, never has she tried to run an independent course, seeking her own professional agenda, nor tried to usurp my authority. And, one as talented as Devi would have no problem succeeding in just about anything she set her mind to.

So, our marriage has always been the two of us acting as one. We have chosen to act in tandem, with each one of us leading at times, rather than living together separately and independently.

This book is all about marriage, but marriage of a different kind. We have not tried to write the stock marriage book, addressing the usual problems. There are a plethora of good books on marriage, books that will answer about any problem that might arise in your marriage. But there seems to be a paucity of books written about headship and what it means, about how strong personalities can work together in unity, how each of the partners can lead in their area of expertise, and how couples can reverse the demonic trend of divorce and shallow relationships that's epidemic in our society, and present a healthy example of Jesus and His Church to a seeking and sick world.

As you will notice, there are more personal anecdotes than you might be accustomed to in such a book, but we've done that so you can see the practicality of what we're prescribing. This book is both theological and practical. It'spossible to put the biblical injunctions for couples into a template that allows them to live out their God-given marriage mandate in the modern world and succeed. After all, if our marriage doesn't function in harmony, how will people accurately see Jesus and His Church? For marriage is to be modeled after Jesus and His Church.

Lastly, this book carries a tinge of the unique in that Devi's leadership skills are in many ways much superior to mine. When Leaders Live To ...

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