Those that Know Their God by April Motl

Those that Know Their God
April Motl
Daniel 11:32

''The people who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits.'' - Daniel 11:32b NKJ

What does a really ''great exploit'' look like to you? What image does the word ''strong'' conjure up in your mind? For me, the definition of these words varies from day to day. On those bone-dry-so-tired-I-can-hardly-stand days I think a really great exploit consists of facing down yet another load of laundry, dishes and a grocery list. Yet there are other mornings my feet hit the floor and I am ready to take on anything! Perhaps you're the same way. Sometimes being strong is having the strength just to keep functioning, other times it consists of Herculean feats.

The Lord penned this verse through His servant Daniel. Interestingly, that was the Lord's message for His people during a time of bondage and captivity. Is this a day full of Herculean strength or a just-help-me-keep-going day? For Israel, it was a number of just-help-me-keep-going years!

Is there anything holding you captive today? Guilt? A broken relationship? A bad habit? Bitterness? Whatever it might be, the Lord still says to you, ''Know Me and you will be strong and carry out great exploits.''

Some years back when I was in desperate need of some strength injected into my life, I bemoaned my out of control schedule and circumstances to a friend and sister in the Lord. Her quick reply to my wailing was, ''What attribute of the Lord are you forgetting?'' Excuse me? Hello? I was telling you about the finances, the schedule, my dying loved one! She repeated her question and she was right. Embarrassingly enough, I have this tendency to forget that God is God and that means He is the One in control! And when I remembered that He was still sitting on His throne, sovereignly sifting the events of my life through His loving hands I could rest and even thrive despite the circumstances.

Those who know their God…. The key to having the strength to carry out those great exploits of life from laundry to touching eternity lies in knowing God. That word know there is yada, the same Hebrew word describing the act of intercourse. This is not a casual, brief once a week, small talk kind of relationship. It is an intimate, sacred one. Does this describe your relationship with God? Or do you have a once a week, small talk kind of relationship with God?

Some people compartmentalize life. One situation goes in the business file, another in the family file and so on. If your relationship with God has been compartmentalized and consists of just putting in your time once a week on Sunday morning, there is something you should know: God doesn't fit in a file! He doesn't fill an hour and a half on your scheduler. If He seems distant, maybe it is because you are holding Him at a distance. Seek to yada Him and see the great explosion of exploits He works in y ...

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