Family, Friends and Neighbors - Those Outside the Nest by Jennifer Waddle

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Family, Friends and Neighbors - Those Outside the Nest
Series: All My Ducks in a Row
Jennifer Waddle

Have you ever taken the time to write out every role you play on this earth? Wife, Mom, Daughter, Friend, Neighbor, etc.

The list can end up really long! So how do we do it?

How do we nurture all the relationships we have, in a balanced and meaningful way? This is a tough one. For instance, my parents live only about twenty minutes down the road and we don't see them more than once or twice a month. It's sad, really, and I'd like to change it.

My neighbors come and go, and we wave to each other, but slip right into our houses without any real connection. In fact, sometimes I think the garage door opener was either the most clever invention or the worst We drive straight into the without ever having to come in contact with our neighbors. Terrible!

And don't even mention friends. There are so many I'd love to spend time with, but unfortunately they get put on the back burner. I assume they understand, but how sad. We need our friends

So many people and so little time, how do we get this duck in a row?

Let's start by making a list. I like lists. They help get us focused.?Start by writing down the names of all your loved ones, who don't currently live in your home. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt, Friend, etc. If you can, think alphabetically so you don't miss anyone. Use your address book and email list to help.

Then, when you have your entire list before you, pray. Say a prayer for all of those who make your life complete. Find a good spot to keep this list and add to it as people come into your life. Each day, during your morning devotion, pull out those names and ask the Lord who you need to reach.

Maybe one of those people is sick. Maybe they have a birthday coming up. Maybe they are just heavy on your heart. Whatever it is, do something to connect with them that day. Don't procrastinate. You will probably forget. Send that card, email, etc.

This will be a great start in consistently reaching out to those you love. And they will take notice! You will find that you are connecting more and more instead of drifting further away.

Now, once in a while, we will have someone in our life who is demanding too much of our time, energy and resources. We may begin to feel like they are drawing us away from our husband, children or work.?In cases like this, we really need discernment. It is crucial to figure out what is a true need.

This is not a time to be Superwoman and try to do it all by ourselves. Ask for help. Find a few other people who know this person and ask them to step in to help.

Yes, there will be seasons when someone may need our full attention for a while. Health issues and other life circumstances arise. I still recommend getting additional assistance if possible, but if you can't, try to give yo ...

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