Be Strong and Courageous by Courtnaye Richard

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Be Strong and Courageous
Series: The Influence of a Changed Woman
Courtnaye Richard
Joshua 1:9

Have you ever had a time in your life, when you felt so afraid that you screamed inside of yourself, ''I'm too afraid!'' Are you there now? God knows that there will be times when you will feel afraid to move forward or do something that is totally out of your comfort zone. He knows that sometimes fear will try to paralyze you from doing that very thing that you know you should do. Yet, in spite of the apprehension, that's when He encourages you and I by saying, ''Be strong and courageous!''

By far, these words are not cliché words. No, no, no. They are taken straight from the Bible my sister. Joshua 1:9 tells us, ''Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.'' So if you were to break this Scripture down into bite size pieces and meditate on each line, you will become stronger and stronger in your faith. It's powerful!

I will say here that being courageous doesn't mean that you won't be afraid. That wouldn't be realistic. Instead, it means to press through the fear when you feel afraid. In fact, sometimes your knees will shake or your anxiety will rise. Your mind may even start racing away with all kinds of ''what if'' thoughts. But when this happens, that's when you have to kick into overdrive and let the word of God take over. That's when you have to plunge through your fear and trust in Him. You have to trust God beyond your fears.

Trust me. I know this is far from easy. I have been there too many times to know that this can be tough. Personally, when things have looked dark, scary, or intimidating in my life, I've had to trust God beyond my fears. And it hasn't been easy. However, that's when the Lord would remind me, ''Be strong and courageous, Courtnaye. I am with you.'' And I would have to repeat those words over and over again, and then walk in His strength and courage.

I remember asking God one day, many years ago, ''Who am I in the Bible, Lord?'' And He clearly whispered to me in the middle of my devotion ''Joshua.'' Ever since that day, Joshua 1:9 has become one of my life Scriptures. Do you have a ''life'' Scripture that you can hold onto when tough or fearful times enter your life?

I also want to mention here before I close this post, that not only does the Lord tell us to be courageous, He also tells us to be strong. Meaning to be strong in Him. Because He will be our strength when things are tough. He will fight the battles that we are not strong enough to fight. He will be our protector in times of need. He can be trusted.

Actually, it has a lot to do with trusting Him. Whether it's through trusting Him for tough circumstances or for people. He wants us to trust Him. Philippians 4:19 says, ''But my God shall supply all your need according t ...

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