The Playroom of Parenting by Paulette Phillips

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The Playroom of Parenting
Series: The Rooms of Her Heart
Paulette Phillips
Proverbs 17:6

In the middle of labor pains with our first child, my floodgate of tears revealed me to be a giddy first time mother who was suddenly struck with a fear of looming responsibility.  Few joys compare to what I felt when I held my baby in my arms for the first time in the hospital.    My mother wisely said, “You have just experienced your greatest joy and your deepest pain!” 

Even now as my three children have children of their own, I am repeatedly filled with joy, awe, euphoria, and supreme love, not only in the pride of watching my own children embrace the joys of parenthood, but at the newfound blessings of being a grandparent!  Proverbs 17:6 states:  “Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their father.” 

My three children would have to admit that they lived in a fish bowl of scrutiny and being in the public eye as pastor’s kids.  To be honest, I myself didn’t always handle that very well!  If I had it to do over, I would always operate in our standards and never worry about what other people thought or expected.

Whether you are a single who assists in day care or nursery, a newlywed who is looking forward to the joys of parenthood, a mother with growing and active children or teens, or a grandparent who is warmed by the embrace of a chubby-faced grandchild, I want to walk you through the playroom of parenting in this chapter.   I do not intend to be an expert and tell you how to best raise children.  Child bearing and parenting is a wonderful and joyous experience, but it can be complicated! 

My pastor husband Ron and I did many things right with our children, but we made mistakes as well.  In looking back, I believe our problem was not with my children.  The problem was with me!  I bought into the lie that my children should be perfect in the eyes of the church.  That is too much pressure for any family, and it is wrong for a church to put its leaders’ families on a pedestal.

Designing the Playroom

Parents are the general contractors of the home.  You are building a physical family and a spiritual home.  Your goal is to raise spiritually, mentally, and emotionally strong people.  This role is specifically yours. You may allow yourself to “loan out” parts of the child raising, such as education, sports, music lessons, or ballet, but you are ultimately responsible for the education of your child.  Don’t trust any person with sole responsibility for your child.

You also are the primary spiritual provider for your child.  You are responsible before God for nurturing your child spiritually and teaching them about God.  The church will help you, ...

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