Full Life in Empty Places by Debbie Stuart

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Full Life in Empty Places
Series: Lessons Learned
Debbie Stuart
2 Kings 4 

Grab your Bible, and turn to 2 Kings 4. 

Lord, I pray today we would realize and rejoice that You make life full even when it “seems” empty. 

My life has always gone according to plan … just not my plan.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, the scriptures tell the story of a woman (her name is not mentioned) who is a widow. Let’s glean what the Lord has left for us. Put yourself in the story — even if you’re not a widow, perhaps you know a woman who’s experienced this kind of loss. By looking at the facts in the story, we’ll find Biblical lessons to live by. 

1. Her husband who was “doing right” and serving the Lord, died. 
2. Her loss left her with: two sons (who creditors were threatening to take as slaves in verse 1), debt, grief, questions, in need, in trouble and looking at losing more. 

Question: What has your loss left you with? 

Perspective Shift: Her loss also left her with a place for a miracle and an opportunity for God do something great in her life. Are you only seeing the negative part of the loss? Instead, look at what is left. 

3. She went to the man of God for help. (Not her family or friends, straight to the spiritual source). 
4. He asked her two questions:
a. What can I do to help you? And before she could answer he asked…
b. What do you have in your house? 
5. She answered: “Nothing, but a jar of oil.” That’s what she had, and that’s what God used! 
6. Her instructions:
a. Borrow as many jars as you can, “not just a few,” the Bible tells
b. Go in your house, with your sons and shut the door.
c. Pour the oil (from the jar you have left) into the other jars filling them all up. 

“So she did as she was told.” - 2 Kings 4:5 (NLT) 

Facts (Continued):
7. The Bible says she filled many jars, until there were no more.
8. When she ran out of jars, the oil stopped flowing.
9. She was told to sell the oil, pay her debts and there would be money left over to live on. 

1. Bad things happen to good people, not because they did something wrong or bad.
2. Don’t be consumed with what you no longer have, think of what you have left.
3. Offer the Lord what you have left, and see what he can do with it.
4. God involved her in the process. She had to complete the assignment given to her.
5. She had to be willing to give to someone else before her own needs were met.
6. The oil stopped only when she ran out of containers. I wonder if the number of jars they gathered was an indication of their faith. Had she collected more jars to fill, she would have had more to sell. At times, ...

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