Jealousy - The Sin No One Talks About by Lori Hatcher

Jealousy - The Sin No One Talks About
Lori Hatcher
Romans 13:14

We think we’re above it—that schoolgirl flash of envy--but it just wears different clothing now that we’re grown. 

It’s no longer covered in sand and coveting Freddie’s shiny Matchbox car as we build roads in the dirt. It’s not dressed in the same brand jeans everyone else is wearing in an attempt at high school individuality either, longingly wishing for her flawless complexion or her exciting social life.

It’s not trudging around campus with the right backpack on, smiling congratulations and choking down envy as she accepts another scholarship award. And it doesn’t walk down the aisle in yet another bridesmaid dress shedding misunderstood tears as the fourth friend this year says I do. 

But it’s there just the same, rearing its ugly head against dear friends, godly mentors, and complete strangers. 

Are we ever free from jealousy? 

We hide it better now that we’re mature. We know it’s a sin, and when it sneaks up behind us and jabs us with its burning fork it catches us by surprise. It reaches into our pockets and steals our joy like some two-bit hustler at a county fair. And it leaves its calling card behind to burn a ragged hole in our pocket big enough for contentment to spill out. 

“Jealousy is cruel as the grave . . .” (Song 8:6) 

“. . . envy (is) the rottenness of the bones.” (Prov. 14:30) 

“The spirit that dwells in us lusts to envy.” (James 4:5) 

God’s Word doesn’t leave us vulnerable, though. Like a bulletproof vest, it guards our hearts from Satan’s sniper fire, but only if we strap it on. 

Here are four ways to combat jealousy: 

1. “Make no provision for the flesh” (Rom. 13:14). If you find yourself struggling with jealousy as you leaf through Southern Living magazine, brows ...

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