How to Trust God When It Looks Impossible by Christina Patterson

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How to Trust God When It Looks Impossible (Part 5)
Series: Unshaken: Standing Firm When Your Faith Is Tested
Christina Patterson

The third lesson we learn from Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is that we have to know that our God is able. That He has the power to deliver us and that He alone has the power to take over our situation and turn it around at any given moment. Do not allow this situation to cause you to think for even one second that your God is not able to deliver. 

For this reason Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trusted God for their deliverance. They knew their God could do it. They knew where their help came from. Now will He do it is up to His sovereignty and His will. But if He can do it is not even in question. I love this quote by Charles Spurgeon in a sermon on this text, he says: 

Now; beloved friends, if any of you are in great difficulty and trouble, tempted to do wrong, nay, pressed to do it, and if you do what is right, it looks as if you will be great losers and great sufferers; believe this: God can deliver you. He can prevent your having to suffer what you suppose you may; and if he does not prevent that, he can help you to bear it, and, in a short time, he can turn all your losses into gains, all your sufferings into happiness. He can make the worst thing that can happen to you to be the very best thing that ever did happen to you. If you are serving God, you are serving an Omnipotent Being; and that Omnipotent Being will not leave you in the time of difficulty, but he will come to your rescue. - Charles Spurgeon 

This is the point in our struggling where we question if God is with us. We question if He really loves us like He says He does. And when that doubt starts to seep in it makes the temptation to bow down to the idols of this world that much more appealing. I mean everyone else is doing it.  But we have to realize that we are bowing down to false idols that can do nothing for us but distract us for a moment and then we are right back to where we started. See these false idols give false hope. When we struggle with loneliness we can make a relationship an idol ...

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