Dealing with Teenage Rebellion (4) by Jennifer Waddle

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Dealing with Teenage Rebellion (4)
Series: I Just Can’t Win 
Jennifer Waddle 
Ecclesiastes 1:9

This is a terribly sad thing to admit, but when our oldest boys graduated high school in 2011, my husband and I were relieved to see them pack up and leave home. I admit this, not so you’ll think that we are cold, heartless parents, but to confess that the struggle with teenage rebellion was a very real and intense season for us.

Like most parents, we loved and nurtured those boys from day one. We provided a safe, loving home with everything they needed and more. We trained them in the Word of the Lord and prayed over them continuously. Yet, those things didn’t exempt us from a period of rough waters.

I am happy to report that both of our sons are now grown and married and have families of their own. Our relationship with them is blessed, and we give all the credit to our merciful and loving God. We currently have one teenage daughter and son at home, and we are fully counting on the Lord’s mighty provision once again.

Are you in the throws of teenage rebellion? Are you wondering what happened to the sweet, cuddly kid you had a great relationship with—just yesterday? Are you desperately trying to figure out how you can possibly win this terrible battle before its too late?

Take heart! You are not alone. In this Bible Study Series, I Just Can’t Win, we are going to find out that God has known all along just how difficult parenting would be. We are going to surround ourselves with truth from His Word. And, we are going learn how to navigate the teen years with the peace and assurance only He can give. Thank you for joining me on this rocky journey. It’s not easy, but together, we will make it. We really will.

Let’s pray…

Sovereign God, oh how we need You in the midst of this season. We feel like we are at a total loss, Lord, and we desperately need Your divine covering. Thank You, Father, for giving us these sons and daughters who have grown up in this age and at this time. We pray for guidance and wisdom as we continue to lead them in Your ways—even when they no longer want our leading. Cover us, Lord, with your mighty love and strong hand. We trust you, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Did you know that the term “teenager” didn’t even exist until the 1940s? Before that, there were just children and adults. It wasn’t until higher grades were incorporated into the education system, families moved from rural farms to the city, and automobiles replaced busses, that teenagers seemed to leap onto the scene. But don’t be fooled! The Bible reminds us that there is “nothing new under the sun.” (see Ecclesiastes 1:9) Mankind has struggle ...

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