Offering a Reorientation to Truth Consistent with Reality (10 0f 12) by Carmen LaBerge

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Offering a Reorientation to Truth Consistent with Reality (10 0f 12)

In the Beginning, before He created anything that is seen, God made seeing possible by the creation of light. The very idea that light had to be called forth and spoken into reality gives an indication of just how dark darkness can be. Quite literally without light, we cannot see. By God''s creative genius He gives us the physical reality of light to also illuminate a deep spiritual truth: without the Light, we cannot see. 

Most people today are spiritually blind. They lack awareness of the Light by which to accurately see God, themselves and the world around them.  Into the darkness of their present disorientation and desperation, we shine as those who bear the good news of the Light of the Gospel.

If you''ve ever been in a very dark room for a very long time you know how painful and even frightening it can be for the light to suddenly shine. We must keep this in mind as we enter conversations with others.

 The words of Jesus in John 3 make clear God knows once we are aware of the light, we become aware of the darkness.  That is a moment of truth. At that moment, and in every subsequent moment, we choose: the darkness or the light?  The father of lies or the Truth? The way of destruction or the Way and the Life? We cannot have it both ways and Jesus is the dividing line.  Judgmental? Yes, read the passage again. This is judgment, articulated by the Judge. ...

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