Counteracting Fake Good News (9 of 12) by Carmen LaBerge

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Counteracting Fake Good News (9 of 12) 

Students of the Bible are familiar with a character known as the father of lies. He trades in deception and he is the adversary of all that is authentically good, beautiful, and true.  The father of lies perverts our thinking. It is his oldest tactic and once his hooks are set in a human mind, changing that mind requires liberation from literal shackles of sin and death. People, following the lie and the liar, become convinced that what God has called good is not good. They grow confused about human identity, Creation, sexuality, and morality.  People are also deceived into exchanging the truth about God for lies and truth itself is perverted.

 Christians, who know the Truth, follow the One who is the Truth and have been set free by the Truth, find themselves declaring life in a culture of death, purity in a culture of debauchery, and truth in a culture convinced that truth is passé.  The generation in which we live is actually labeled post-truth and fake news is a problem recognized by even those who say there is no absolute truth.

 Christians are charged with representing Christ to this culture, here and now.  Why should anyone believe us? How do we establish trust, earn the right to be heard, and speak The Truth in a culture where the father of lies has so many operatives?

 Trust is key.  So, can people trust you? Can they trust you to tell the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?  Can they trust you to be a person not only of your word but a person of The Word?  And can you be tr ...

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