The Call to Look Up, Suit Up, and Speak Up (8 of 12) by Carmen LaBerge

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The Call to Look Up, Suit Up, and Speak Up (8 of 12)

When we think about having conversations with people we already know, some of whom are in the church, we must recognize that some of the barriers that need to be torn down are institutional religious traditionalism, formalized ritualism, and cultural relativism. But on the personal level there are also layers of cynicism, doubt, defeatism, and worldly thinking that are contrary to the calling of presenting the truth accurately, substantively, and winsomely in whatever context we find ourselves.  This is labor for which we must prepare ourselves spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.  So, let''s get to it!

Look around you, scan the headlines, survey the city, the nation, the world.  What do you see?  You are alive right now because God intends to use you as an agent of His grace in the midst of the world He so loves.  God can use you where you are, knowing what you know, having experienced what you have experienced to accomplish His glory.  If you''re as old as Abraham or as young as Daniel, if you''re as compromised as Rahab or have a life as hard as the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well, God can send you as a redeemed ambassador of the Kingdom of God to bear light in the kingdoms of this world.

It will not be easy. You may not get to be around to ...

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