Where God Belongs (2 of 12) by Carmen LaBerge

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Where God Belongs (2 of 12) 

From the Beginning there has really only been one question: me or Thee? Who gets to be Lord of this one life? Who gets to be god of my thoughts, the god of my relationships, the god of my affections, the god of my education, the god of my internet habits, the god of my finances, the god of my medical decisions, the god of my perspective, the god of my words, and the god of my deeds? In every moment you and I (and every other person in all the world) is making one choice: Me me or Thee?

There is a war, a battle, being waged over every human heart and mind, in every generation.  There''s a war being waged right now over the territory, terrain, contours, and sovereignty of your life. There''s a battle for your attention, your affection, your thoughts, your words.

 It is humankind--not God--who has sorted pieces of life into sacred and secular. Into what is ''''His'''' and what is ''''ours.'''' Church on Sunday morning—- - God time. Football on Sunday afternoon (and Monday night and all day Saturday)—- - mine.  We imagine we''re giving God His due by showing up on Sunday morning when God''s due is all we have, all we are, and all we do.


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